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  1. The first step is to take inventory of where all your photos are located. This includes memory cards, cds, and flash drives. These images should be all transferred to one device for organizing.
  2. Next the images should be swept to reduce any duplicates (believe me you will be surprised at how many duplicates you have!) There are some great duplicate finding tools out there that search not by name but by bitmap.
  3. Set up your directory/file system for organization. I suggest by year and month.
  4. Rename your photos and copy them to the correct folder.
  5. Add keyword to the photos for easier searches.
  6. When this is complete: Backup and Archive, and ENJOY your Photos!

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Do you have images on your phone, an old phone, your laptop, ipad, and your old computerPictures strung across multiple devices can be stressful. Not being sure where your pictures are or if they are safe can be maddening. There are methods, tools, and people who can help to transition your pictures from lost to found!


Digital Photo Organizing

Serving the greater Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, and Mercer Counties in New Jersey.

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